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frequently asked questions

What is this for?

This tool is designed for web developers who are migrating between hosts. It allows you to access your site location without any system or DNS modifications, so you and your clients can easlily test it before repointing the domain.

Who runs this service?

This service is run by Prostack Hosting. Prostack provides managed hosting to digital agencies, ecommerce and online businesses in the UK and beyond, with an emphasis on friendly, personal support, security and performance.

What do i enter into the form?

Enter the IP address of the server - usually provided by your new hosting provider- and the domain name you wish to test. Subdomains are acceptable here.

What information do you store?

Nothing besides the hostname and IP address you provide. If you're concerned about security, we would encourage you not to enter any sensitive information such as login details when using this tool.

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